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        Working environment and heat transfer unit of mold temperature machine
        In the process of working, the mold temperature machine should be allowed to work in a clean working environment, which can effectively avoid dust and extend the life of the original parts of the machine. It is necessary to keep the cooling water of the machine adequate, to avoid the reduction of the cooling water and to wear the machine. The water thermometer should keep the water clean, and the oil temperature machine should change the oil regularly. Regularly clear and unblock the pipeline to prevent blockage. Regularly check the machine's water pump and oil pump for oil leaks, and discover oil leaks in a timely manner.
        There is no independent heat transfer unit in the direct cooling device of the mold temperature machine. When the cooling function is turned on, the cooling solenoid valve will open to allow the cooling water to be directly injected into the piping system and discharge part of the hot water to achieve Cool quickly. It can be cooled quickly, but it has a small range of use and a small temperature control capability.
        Indirect cooling, mold temperature machine internal installation such as plate heat exchanger and oil cooler, heat exchanger heating medium and cooling water for heat exchange to reduce the temperature of the medium, its advantages are high temperature control accuracy, wide applicability, relatively slow, More expensive than direct cooling.
        Select the direct cooling method to separate the cooling circuit from the main circuit. The reason why the oil mold temperature machine chooses this cooling method is very simple. The oil temperature machine uses heat conduction oil as the heat transfer medium. If there is high temperature oil and water inside, this is not feasible. The detailed working method is that the heat of the cooling medium is absorbed by the heating medium and directly absorbed into the AC valve. Direct cooling is only used for oil temperature machine, because the cooling is not very strong. When using this type of cooling, the cooling water must be clean to avoid blockage of the pipes and affect the temperature control function of the machine.
        When the mold temperature machine is running, when the cooler directly cools, the cooling water directly enters the loop without using a heat exchanger. This cooling method can greatly improve the cooling capacity of the system, and then can quickly cool the heat transfer medium. Electric valves or multi-stage solenoid valves can be used to control the operating accuracy of the system. The conditions for direct cooling are: closing the circuit; the heat transfer medium requires clean water. The temperature of the 180-degree hot water mold is stopped in the direct cooling mode. The main reason is that the pressure of the round tube is large. If the pressure is not good, it is difficult for the external cooling water to enter the system.