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        New gas temperature controller

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        gas temperature controller

        product description:
        The new gas mold temperature machine is mainly developed and manufactured by Wanjiamei Company. It is a heating source tailored for the hot press of plate companies. Its technical content, quality standards, and actual results are at a leading level. Solve the real difficulties in the production process for enterprises to make them more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe.
        1. Using the principle of secondary combustion, the maximum temperature can reach 300 degrees. The maximum heating power of 280KW makes it heat up faster, greatly shortening the heating time.
        2. Adopt the patented ignition system imported from Germany
        3. A coil tube with a diameter of 57mm is used to make the pipeline resistance smaller and reduce the inlet temperature difference.
        4. Using stainless steel hot air recovery system, the recovery efficiency is higher.
        5. Lower exhaust temperature and longer service life.
        6. In order to minimize the impact on the production link, the self-circulation function is added.
        7. The debugging operation is more convenient, and the equipment enters the normal production stage as soon as possible after installation.
        8. The cost of single-sheet double-stick gas can be reduced to about 0.6 yuan, which is about 60% less energy than ordinary gas boilers.
        9. Using intelligent control, equipped with flow, pressure, temperature detection and control functions, no need for special guards, greatly saving labor costs.
        Product application:
        The gas mold temperature controller is suitable for various types of furniture, automobiles, shoes, luggage, electronics, architectural decoration, toys, handicrafts and other heating sources. Let each enterprise save costs, worry, and rest assured, and create higher benefits for enterprises.
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